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Annual Report 2018

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Message from our Board Chair

Gillian Evans is a Toronto-based philanthropist and a founding supporter of

This past year has been all about growth, traction, and diversity. These are buzzwords in today’s world, but we have the proof that our young leaders are making a difference and taking the discussion on mental health higher and further than ever before.

This year marked significant new reach for all of our programs. We supported 18 Regional Summits in addition to our marquee event - National Jack Summit. These Regional Summits demonstrate our ability to connect with and support the activities of youth in all parts of Canada. Our Jack Chapter program continues to make a major impact, now with over 165 Jack Chapters across the country in every province and territory. Our Jack Talks grew substantially, with 265 Jack Talks conducted by 95 trained and certified Jack Talks speakers.

We have learned through our evaluation that we are reaching our intended demographic, which is wonderfully diverse. As well, we're learning much more about how to work with and engage this important audience. For example, among Jack Chapter members, 22% identify as members of a visible minority group, 18% as LGBTQ2S+, 7% as living with a disability, and 4% as Indigenous. In total, Jack Talks, Jack Chapters, and Jack Summits reached over 125,000 youth this year, which is incredible traction. We’re once again planning on significant growth in 2018/2019.

The increasing impact made through our programs wouldn't be possible without the amazing support of our funding partners. New corporations, foundations, individual donors, and fundraisers continue to come forward, recognizing our presence and our ability to reach young people and generate peer-to-peer activities in mental health. I constantly hear from our funders how impressed they are with our approach, our young leaders, and our staff. But in addition, they are impressed with how hard we work to ensure the use of an evidence-based approach; how we continually refine our programs and ensure we are offering effective and relevant support to young people. An example of this is our emerging focus on systems-change advocacy work, our advocacy training toolkit, and the campus assessment resource that our youth leaders have helped develop and will be piloting this coming year.

It is exciting to be seen both as a leader in the youth mental health field and also to be further recognized for our ability to evaluate our findings and focus on impact. The continuous improvement and evolution of our programs is at the heart of who we are and it has been a huge part of our programmatic and funding success.

I can’t finish this letter without acknowledging how proud we are of our staff who are working hard to make all this magic happen. Eric and his dream team continue to find new ways to keep the energy high on the team and within our network across the country. We have added some muscle to our already-strong board with the addition of Julia Deans to support our team as we become a larger national presence.

On behalf of, thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy our annual report and are proud of the progress you've helped create!

Gillian Evans, Chair of the Board for

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Message from our Network

Dan Nixon, Network Representative

This year we saw so many young leaders achieve their aspirations, whether that was giving their first Jack Talk, becoming a Network Rep, or having the confidence to share their story for the first time. These achievements make me so proud and excited to see how will continue to evolve and grow in the future.

Our mission is taking root and the tide is turning in our favour. We have the passion, we have the results, and we have taken action to make change. And we will continue to do so. I am incredibly hopeful when I think about the future of We know first-hand that our programs are changing the lives of so many young people, and this means we're making meaningful and important change across Canada. I'm one of those young people. has changed my life and on behalf of the entire network, we will continue onwards and upwards from here.

Dan Nixon, Network Representative for Vancouver, BC.

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Last school year we had three core goals for our programs:

1. Increase youth capacity for mental health leadership and advocacy.

2. Connect a national network.

3. Reduce youth-identified barriers to help-seeking.

It's working.

Jack Talks

Last year, we aimed to have 75 trained Jack Talks Speakers deliver 250 Jack Talks. By year’s end, we had 95 trained Jack Talks Speakers deliver 265 Jack Talks to over 53,000 of their peers.

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"I still believe Jack Talks training is the best possible experience for a young person, both in regards to career/skill development, as well as confidence and emotional strength."

- Jack Talks Speaker

  • 98.5% of Jack Talks Speakers believe they gained strong public speaking skills.

  • 94% of organizers would recommend that others hold a Jack Talk.

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Jack Chapters

In 2018, we aimed to have 150 Jack Chapters stage initiatives across Canada. By year’s end, 165 Jack Chapters educated over 113,000 young people across the country.

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"The efforts of our Chapter have resulted in strengthened mental health support on campus, adding an element of ‘we’re here for each other’ into everyday interactions."

- Jack Chapter Lead

  • "We’re getting people to think about mental health differently. We helped shine a light on how stress and burnout are commonly perceived as weakness within the science faculty."

  • "We are a network of young leaders eradicating stigma and starting a mental health conversation that will only continue to grow in reach and volume."

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Jack Summits

We aimed to hold 18 Regional Summits. Right on target, we held 18 Regional Summits, plus our 6th annual National Jack Summit.

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"It was absolutely incredible. I've never been so inspired. Being in a room with 200+ like-minded individuals who share a passion for mental health advocacy was so humbling and so eye-opening."

- Jack Summit Delegate

  • 98% of delegates were inspired by the content of National Jack Summit 2018.

  • 95% of delegates said they will use what they learned to make mental health change in their communities.

Who are these young leaders?

Though we have a long way to go, our network more accurately represents Canadian diversity than ever before. 22% of Chapter members identify as members of a visible minority group, 18% as members of LGBTQ2S+ community, 7% as living with a disability, and 4% as members of Indigenous communities.

Watch video

The Rebels with a Cause video opened National Jack Summit 2018.

  • Meet Calvin "Kalvonix" Tiu, Jack Talks Speaker

    "I want the world to be a space where people can be their 100% true self without feeling judged. I want to make songs about anxiety. I think that in itself...that's a rebellion."

    Book a speaker like Calvin
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Les Présentations Jack

We now have a record 15 Jack Talks speakers who are fluently bilingual, enabling us to engage more francophone youth in the mental health conversation than ever before.

Book a French Jack TalkBook an English Jack Talk

Vive la francophonie

Our Jack Talks and Jack Chapters training are now available in French, our brand new website is fully bilingual, and we’ve hired three bilingual staff at HQ.

Visit our French website
  • Meet Katharine St. Jacques, Bilingual Jack Talks Speaker

    Elle est dévouée à taire les tabous et changer l’image de la santé mentale pour que celle-ci soit comprise, acceptée et qu’on puisse en parler ouvertement sans jugement.

    Recevoir un conférencier
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Our voice is growing stronger.

Last fall, over 31 major media outlets gave our young leaders a platform to be heard during back to school season.

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See young leaders on national television

In the face of obstacles or prejudice, our young leaders don't remain silent.

In October 2017, Margaret Wente published an op-ed in the Globe and Mail titled "Why treat university students like fragile flowers?" Charlotte Johnston, Jack Talks speaker, wrote a reply that outlined why young people are, in fact, change-makers and trailblazers and why taking care of their mental health in no way equates to 'fragile flowers.' It was so articulate and powerful that it was picked up by the Huffington Post and several other news outlets.

Read Charlotte's article
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  • Our National Jack Summit was so loud, the Royals listened.

    Prince William sent a personal welcome message to National Jack Summit delegates.

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  • We told the country that #WeAreReady.

    And the country listened. During Mental Health Awareness Week, we received responses from politicians Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Wab Kinew, Tara Jijian, and many more - all interested in how to work with to ensure young leaders are part of the conversations around improving youth mental health in Canada.

  • Social media is a vital tool for us to reach and educate young people across Canada.

    In 2018, our social media following grew by 83%. For context, the yearly industry average is 22%.

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  • We announced our most ambitious project yet! Be There will be a revolutionary digital tool for teaching young people how to support those who might be struggling.

    Watch video

    Cassie and Jean's Be There Story

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  • Foundations and the provincial government stepped up to fund the project to the tune of $400,000. Plus, our community came together to raise over $127,000 for the platform. So we got to work!

    • We brought in experts!

      We hired a Be There Project Manager and a cutting-edge digital agency to bring the platform to life.

    • We listened!

      We surveyed 1,200 young people and conducted workshops with our Network Reps to determine what content Be There needs to cover.

    • We engaged!

      We conducted focus groups and interviews with young people to flesh out the concept for the platform.

    • We tested!

      We’re now building and testing prototypes, with a planned launch date of May 2019 for Be There.

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This year was flush with some other pretty special milestones.

Another Royal Moment

The Government of Canada donated $50,000 to (as one of two charities) to celebrate the birth of Prince Louis of Cambridge.

Recognition of our Leadership

Co-founders Eric Windeler and Sandra Hanington were awarded the prestigious Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division) from the Office of the Governor General.

Recognition of our Leadership

Eric (who also serves as’s Executive Director) was named one of the 150 CAMH Difference Makers for mental health in Canada, and was the recipient of the 2017 Queen’s University Alumni Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Globe-trotting took a leadership role on the world stage, with our young leaders and staff presenting at the International Association for Youth Mental Health in Dublin and sitting on the steering committee for the Global Coalition for Youth Mental Health.


We were fortunate to have two exceptional mental health organizations merge into, further enabling us to positively impact youth mental health:

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    Healthy Minds Canada

    for which a fund was formed to continue their work in community mental health education across Canada.

    The HMC Legacy Fund
  • App 2

    Partners for Mental Health

    to steward their online resource Right By You: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers.

    Right By You

None of this would be possible without you, a community of supporters that would make any charity blush.

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  • Our inaugural Everesting Bike Challenge saw 47 riders gather for an unforgettable day that raised over $50,000.

    It went so well, we even did it again in November of 2018.

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  • The inaugural Brainfreeze, a polar bear dip for youth mental health, saw 80+ Polar Bears raise over $18,000. It has now become a signature annual event expanding across Canada.

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So what's next?

Jack Summits

Our Jack Summit program is evolving to better engage young people all over Canada. This year, we'll engage over 2,330 young leaders through Jack Summits. On top of our National Jack Summit, we’re adding Jack Summits in Manitoba, British Columbia, the Territories, and a 100% francophone Jack Summit in Quebec. Plus, we’ll grow from 18 to 25 Regional Summits across Canada.


As conversations around mental health start to become more normalized in some (but not all) communities, our young leaders want to do more. It’s time to look to advocacy as’s next bold move. How do we leverage the scale of our network for systems change? How do we ensure young people have the ear of policy makers and influence change to support the betterment of mental health services? How do we make sure youth mental health is a local, provincial, and federal priority? We’re already working on it. And you can be sure we’re working hard to support our network with responsible and effective advocacy training and to elevate their voices to create needed change.

Team Growth

As our programs have expanded, so have our staff. Over the next year, we’ll be making thoughtful hires to keep pace with our momentum. This great group is about to get greater as we grow from 24 to 32 staff.

We moved mountains in 2018. But we’re not even close to done.

Youth mental health is the health issue of this generation. And real change will take us all.

Welcome to the revolution.

There's work to do.

Email us at

Join the movement Fuel the movement

Thank you to our revolutionary partners

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