Our chapters work to change how people think about mental health right in their school communities.
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Shifting Attitudes, Decreasing Stigma

We can't keep talking to the same people.

Team initiatives are designed to reach students who may be uncomfortable with the subject of mental health, and to bring them into the conversation to challenge any negative perceptions.

Increasing Knowledge, Raising Awareness

Clearing up misconceptions

Student teams are to be knowledgeable on mental health, self care, and resources in order to answer questions, raise awareness, and be effective mental health advocates.

Building a Movement

Making noise across the country!

We are louder together. Cultural shifts don’t happen in isolated efforts. Chapter teams are to stay connected to and each other to make a louder cultural impact across the country.

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Creating a positive change...

Starting my Chapter has been such a rewarding experience! Given the framework from, my team has created a positive shift in mental health awareness in my school community by slashing stigma and changing minds!

Start a chapter or get involved in an existing one to be a part of the change!

From Travis @ Kings College

Growing as a leader...

Being a chapter lead for UWindsor this past year has been incredible! Not only did I grow as a leader, but our chapter grew from 10, into hundreds of students on our campus making noise about mental health!

Our ball pits, bouncy castles and creative conversation starting methods earned us the title “Club of the Year” in our first year as a club!

From Jessica @ UWindsor

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