Jack.org NothernĀ  is part of a national network of students working to change the way we think about mental health. We work within our school to shift negative attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours around mental health, so we can create a safer, more supportive community

Being a new chapter of Jack.org, we decided to get in the faces of the first year students during their orientation day. We teamed up with student services and put together a booth that students touring the school would be sure to visit! We split up our team, having some stay with the booth to engage/inform students, while others worked with school staff to give tours of the college to alleviate their anxiety. At the booth, we had students write a motivational blurb on a sticky note. Once they wrote a note to their peers, students were allowed to take a stciky note. We engaged pretty well every student and had a lot of positive remarks from faculty and from students. Later in the day, we met with individual cohorts of students to further make our faces known. letting them know that we were available to them for questions about anything related to mental health, or general questions about the college. The day was filled with laughs and served as an excellent introduction of the team and the chapter at Northern College!