This just in: you are amazing!

It’s been a few weeks, but we’re still totally amped up from Talk at the Top.

We have a special message from our friends Benny and Enza at Hats on for Awareness, who gifted the toques you received at Talk at the Top.

With Hats On, Benny and Enza are ending the stigma that leaves so many young people suffering in silence. When your hat turns heads, it’s another chance to start new conversations about mental health with your friends and loved ones.

Benny and Enza have some encouraging words as you move forward in your advocacy:

“Knowledge is the antidote to stigma. Feed your minds with knowledge and fill your hearts with intention. You are the messengers with the antidote for a future where stigma no longer exists. It’s a privilege to support your journey with”

They are so proud to support your leadership, and is incredibly grateful for all they’ve done to bring young leaders like you together.

And this is just the beginning! Thank you so much for being a part of Talk at the Top 2017!

- Your friends at and Hats on for Awareness